Teach me how to stan idiots.
teen top. got7. bts.

[ ❀ ] meet the blogger:

name: Stephanie
height: 5’6” ~ 5’7”
eye color: brown
birthday: May 22
favorite color: blue
best school subject(s): comp sci
current shirt colour: gray
day or night: night
religion: -
gender: female
sexual orientation: straight
single or taken: single 
celebrity crush: changjo?
coffee or tea: neither
favorite food: i want udon

(Source: choke-on-glitter)

you make amazing gifs and edits!! and you are really nice and not annoying at all~

aw thanks! c: i feel like my graphics get crappier by the day though haha

i find you incredibly intimidating and hard to approach.

but why? ;n; how can i make myself not seem so scary?